Here are the best Fitbit deals for Black Friday 2020

Here are the best Fitbit deals for Black Friday 2020

Black Friday is the perfect time of year to find a great deal on a new Fitbit tracker or smartwatch. We’ve rounded up the best Fitbit deals that we could find going into the holiday week to help save you some of your precious and hard-earned money. This even includes some of the brand’s newer devices.

Expect to see a ton of Black Friday deals on just about all Fitbit models this coming week. We’ll keep this post updated as new information comes to light and ensure that all of the Black Friday deals below are the very best on offer.

Best Fitbit Inspire Deals

The Inspire is Fitbit’s lightest and longest-lasting fitness tracker. What started last year with the Inspire and Inspire HR has blossomed into this year’s Inspire 2. All three devices are great minimalist trackers that will help you keep track of your steps, sleep, and overall activity. I recommend the Inspire 2 because it has a 10-day battery life and a year of Fitbit Premium included, but if the Inspire HR is on special for significantly less, that’s not a bad pickup either. You’ll still get great battery life and three months of Fitbit Premium!

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Best Fitbit Charge Deals

The Fitbit Charge 4 is sort of a ‘tweener device. It’s more than a basic tracker, and yet not a full smartwatch. Whatever you want to call it, you have to consider it an amazing value. At this lowered price, you’re getting built-in GPS and NFC for contactless payments, multi-sport modes, automatic workout-tracking, and week-long battery life.

Here are the best Fitbit deals for Black Friday 2020

The Charge 4 Special Edition includes a bonus nylon band, and all the same features of the regular Charge 4.

Here are the best Fitbit deals for Black Friday 2020

Earlier this year, Fitbit released this update to its popular Charge lineup, and it ticked nearly all of the boxes that fans wanted from previous versions. The Charge 4 added Fitbit Pay on all models and onboard GPS, and seven-day battery life.

Best Fitbit Versa Deals

The Fitbit Versa line has some of the most popular smartwatches on the market. From the colorful Versa Lite to last year’s Versa 2 (still our favorite tracker), to the all-new and improved Versa 3, this is a compelling alternative to the best on offer from Samsung and Apple. The Versa 3 now adds Google Assistant support to its Amazon Alexa functionality, and Fitbit is even throwing in six months of free Fitbit Premium access.

Best Fitbit Sense Deals

The Fitbit Sense is the company’s first premium fitness smartwatch and one that it’s positioning as a wholistic health wearable. It has sensors to measure your electrodermal skin activity, temperature, and stress levels, and it can also take an ECG reading to determine if you have atrial fibrillation. All of this in a stylish new package with all of the comprehensive fitness tracking you’ve come to expect, as well as six months of Fitbit Premium access.

Here are the best Fitbit deals for Black Friday 2020

The Sense is Fitbit’s newest and most premium smart health watch, and it’s also the company’s most expensive wearable. We don’t expect a whole lot of movement on the price of this smartwatch, but we will be sure to post updates the minute anything changes.

Best Fitbit Ace Deals

If you want to get your little ones more active and involved in friendly competitions with family and friends, the Fitbit Ace 2 is a great device. It’s waterproof and durable, comes in several festive colors, and has special animations and kid-friendly challenges.

Here are the best Fitbit deals for Black Friday 2020

The second-generation Fitbit Ace 2 is purpose-built to get younger children active and engaged in a healthy lifestyle. From fun watch faces to festive and colorful bands, kids six and up are sure to love tracking their fitness and sleep activity. They can participate in family challenges or start competitions with their friends.

Best Fitbit Aria Scale Deals

Smart scales are a great way to keep track of your weight and body mass index (BMI), and they can securely sync to your fitness apps to help you better understand your health data over time. The Fitbit Aria Air is the latest smart scale from Fitbit, and as you can imagine, it works flawlessly with the Fitbit app and ecosystem of products.

Here are the best Fitbit deals for Black Friday 2020

Smart scales have been around for a while, but the great thing about the Aria Air is how seamlessly it integrates with your Fitbit wearable and the Fitbit app. Not only do you get to see your progress as a number on the scale, but the data is also transferred to your app, where you can analyze your bodyweight metrics in as much detail as you like. For Prime Day, it’s 30% off!

How do I prepare for Black Friday?

Black Friday 2020 is going to be big with a huge online focus, which means it’s going to be hard to keep up and ensure you maximize your savings during these big events. The team over at Thrifter is full of professional deal hunters who will literally be providing around the clock coverage of everything on Black Friday. From the best savings, as they hit to roundups of what you should be buying, the team will aim to make it as easy as possible to find the best deals that are available from the first to the last minute.

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