Odisha EOW again conducts search at Soumya Patnaik’s company

Odisha EOW

BHUBANESWAR – Shortly after Khandapada MLA Soumya Ranjan Patnaik was expelled from the BJD over his alleged involvement in lending fraud, the EOW for Odisha Crime Branch conducted searches Thursday at media organizations associated with MLA Patnaik in the Rasulgarh region on September 18 and 19, respectively. They conducted look-up operations at his media agency, which were led by Patnaik himself.
On September 16, a lawsuit alleging cheating and forgery against Patnaik as well as Baijayanti Kar, HR director at House of Media, was filed on their behalf following allegations made by former employees that they were required to obtain loans through fraudulent means for the company.
“Our team conducted a search operation in order to uncover several digital documents, such as hard disks from computers. Additionally, we interrogated staff of the accounts department as well as took certain documents for further examination. Through our investigation, we discovered that EOW regularly received massive sums of money from various sources, which are now under scrutiny,” according to an EOW official.
According to investigation agencies, the media company is believed to have assisted over 350 employees with loans totaling millions of rupees by providing fake and fraudulent pay slips for loan approval purposes. Later, they revoked these amounts from employees and used them on different projects, according to EOW officials.
EOW reports revealed that while the media company repaid its loans, it used fraudulent means to obtain more loans with help from employees.
On Thursday, an EOW officer conducted an interrogation of a branch manager from a banking institution regarding this matter. They requested disclosure of documents submitted by employees of their company in order to receive loans, while also inspecting whether proper verification procedures and sanctioning processes were applied by this bank.
“We plan to speak to former bank employees who approved these loans. Should anyone be found collaborating with those suspected,” an EOW officer stated.
Sources have informed EOW of their intent to investigate Soumya within two or three days, given his recent departure from his station, an EOW source reported. Soumya maintains his innocence, while his media company claims they were falsely accused of writing about an official of the highest rank.


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